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Adam Miller (NSW)

Adam Miller (NSW)

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A blend of precision and raw emotion Adam Miller interweaves percussive rhythms, complex bass lines and intricate melodies all played simultaneously on the one guitar! It is this talent that has seen him perform with guitar innovator and inventor Les Paul in New York City, the 'Certified Guitar Player' Tommy Emmanuel across Australia and the USA, and trade licks with jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter.

Miller won the 2002 Australian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition, and has performed at major Australian festivals.

Adam Miller's 'Out Of My Hands' album was recorded primarily live in the studio. Miller's polyphonic acoustic guitar parts weave between the electric bass (Peter Gray) and drums (Nic Cecire) to create a sound that seems impossible for just three people. The grooves and intensity of playing are completely unexpected from an acoustic guitar.

"I love that with an acoustic guitar, what you put in is what you get out. And without the distractions of amplication and effects I found I could concentrate more on the music I was making."

Adam Miller's songs are bluesy, soulful, and heartfelt, drawing influence from guitar greats Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Charlie Hunter, John Scofield, Eric Clapton, Tommy Emmanuel, Martin Taylor, Bill Frissell and superb contemporary songwriters like John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Ben Folds, Fiona Apple, Damien Rice, and Eagle-Eye Cherry

CDs include:
Out of My Hands (2008)

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