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The Vibrolators Feat. Peta Lee (WA)

The Vibrolators Feat. Peta Lee (WA)

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The return of The Vibrolators...
Those Wild West Coast Hipsters of the Blues are BACK!

You're bound to have seen them pop up in some context at some point during those heady days of the late nineties...

The band has since the very beginning immersed itself in the Blues, following the journey wherever it takes them. From longstanding local residencies at pubs and clubs to major festivals & tours nationwide.

After a well-deserved recharge, the boys are yet again strapping on the archtop guitars, tensioning the catgut & buffing up the brass, this time combining forces with Miss Peta Lee and the wonderful Alison Penney (NSW) to launch their steaming fresh CD "Frangipani".

The Vibrolators pack a formidable edge - and combined with two of Australia's top female blues performers, they are returning with a repertoire full of Swingin', Rockin', Surfin', Jumpin' & Jivin'... on record... and on stage.

So take a trip to the Edge, with The Vibrolators and Friends...

CDs include:
Frangipani (2013)

This Room Ain't Big Enuff... for Swingin' Cats!! (1999)

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