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Blind Lemon (QLD)

Blind Lemon (QLD)

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A repertoire ranging from classic songs by Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix and Willie Dixon to the hits of modern blues stars such as John Poppers (Blues Traveller), Eric Clapton and Johnny Lang, gives Blind Lemon a veritable arsenal of rockin' blues tunes which keeps any crowd entertained all night. From upbeat double-time stomps to a good old Texas shuffle, this band covers a fair portion of the blues spectrum giving them complete variety. Solid rhythms pump along with rockin guitar and wailing harmonica to give Blind Lemon a contagiously energetic sound.

Jamie "Jimmy Lips" Symons' powerful harmonica playing drives the sound of this band. He came runner up in the Australian blues harmonica championships 2005, proving he is up there with the best on the harp scene. His passion for the blues shines in his performances, revealing equal parts of Sonny Terry (acoustic playing) and super fast John Popper. His vocal work is driven by a deep-rooted musical spirit.

Chris Harvey is a guitar player whose style clearly reflects his love of and feeling for the blues with a tasty sense of phrasing and dynamic soloing, revealing a commitment to studying the blues guitar greats. The band's rhythm section, Dave Griffiths on bass and Cvitan Barac on drums, are a solid backbone, often lacking in rhythm sections.

Each time Blind Lemon takes to the stage they add another brick in the construction of what will surely become a blues institution on the East Coast before too long. Their goal is clear from each performance; to present the music they love with verve and flair, and they succeed.

Anyone stepping out to see these guys, whether they are blues fans or not, will certainly have an awesome time as the emphasis of the show is on entertaining the crowd and giving them something to dance to. One thing is for certain; a great night is always had by all at a Blind Lemon gig.

CDs include:
Drinkers' Lament (2010)
Bit O' Juice (2009)
Squeezin' the Lemon (2005)
Blind Lemon (2002)

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