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Bonnie Kay & the Bonafides (ACT)

Bonnie Kay & the Bonafides (ACT)

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Here is a Unique sort of Soulful and Sassy Package of Blues and Roots!

Bonnie Kay, a contemporary American Singer/Songwriter from Philly who landed in Australia via Tokyo, uses acoustic, finger-picking, Slide-guitar techniques, plus a voice reminiscent of Blues Icon Bonnie Raitt's to deliver her own Red-hot, Sexy Sound!

Bonnie's Voice and Guitar speak a medley of emotions springing from trauma of Love, Yearning, Angst, Passion, Lust and Yes… everyone's Favourite, Depression. Bonnie's Traditional, Yet modern approach to the blues, draws from not just her own experiences, but those of countless sisters and friends in life and literature.

Her Bonafide Companions? Add Wayne Rigby on Sax and Flute, Jed Wesley-Smith on Double Bass, Peregrin Chiara on Drums and Kaiki Suzuki on Trombone and you've got additional elements of Jazz, Soul and Funk with indescribable elements of texture and colour. Sometimes smooth and Jazzy, Sometimes Gritty and Raw, taking the dance to a heaping sobbing heap on the floor and then lifting it up into a foot-stomping, Hollering Hootenanny!!

It's a Bonafide Band with a Capital B.

That, there is the Triple Truth, Ruth!

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Cds Include:

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