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Dave Diprose (VIC)

Dave Diprose (VIC)

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Dave Diprose is a Blues & Roots Powerhouse who recreates the excitement and energy of the old Mississippi.

An exceptional guitarist, songwriter and storyteller, Dave draws inspiration from blues and other traditional music forms. He specialises in the vintage sounds of iconic metal-bodied National guitars, performing the slide/bottleneck style on a mix of blues classics and finely crafted originals.

Dave is engaging  storyteller who tells tales of the origins of the classics, of irony and humour in domestic relationships, and his own vast experiences growing up in rural Australia.

As Billy Pinnell (Australian Music Guru) puts it "Dave's storytelling adds to the appeal of his songs".

Dave performs slide (bottleneck) playing on iconic metal-bodied National guitars, featuring his finely crafted originals along with forgotten blues classics from masters such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Blind Willie Johnson .

Dave's blues album "Train Don't Run" showcases traditional and original songs in an acoustic setting that faithfully captures pre-war sounds.

Dave's slide guitar style is drawing great interest from musicians and blues fanatics alike. He has influenced many young musicians to take up Blues & Roots and acoustic styles and more recently "empty nesters" who are fascinated with by his command of the resophonic slide guitar. Consequently he is now establishing an online "Slide Guitar Workshop" to assist would-be slide guitarists in get up to speed in the unique aspects of this style of playing.

Dave likes to mix up the traditional songs and styles with his fine original compositions, drawing on life experiences and a family history of five generations on the land.

Over the past couple of decades Dave has been a regular at Melbourne's acoustic and folk venues and has appeared at all the major folk festivals including Port Fairy, Maldon, Selby and the National. He has appeared on radio in blues and acoustic segments and has inspired many young musicians to pursue roots and acoustic music. Dave presents his material in a warm, low-key personal approach, taking the listener on an engaging journey through a landscape of great songs and guitar styles

CDs include:
Old School Blues (Due out November 2014)
Train Don't Run (2009)

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