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Dreamboogie (VIC)

Dreamboogie (VIC)

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DREAMBOOGIE - formed in early 2010, named after Vintage American jazz/ blues writer Langston Hughes' famed poem "Dream Boogie".

The band comprises members - Rebecca Davey, (vocals), Sam Buckley (guitar), Connor O'Neill (bass) and Robert B Dillon (drums).

Vocalist Rebecca Davey brings elements of her musical idols to her performance - the great female Blues vocalists of the 1920s and 30s. Artists such as Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Victoria Spivey, Mamie Smith and similar bold women of their time, have influenced Rebecca, both in her vocal delivery and performance. Emotion, drama, wit and cheeky sass are woven into Rebecca's uniquely interpreted Blues music storytelling, conveying the underlying truths upon which the Blues are based, with the expressive impact of the Blues lyric: "Blues is about the truth. The joys, and sorrows of life, the challenges and excitement, love and sex - Blues addresses them all".

Together as a 4-piece band, Dreamboogie re-imagine and re-interpret the songs of those great trailblazing Blues performers for today's audiences, using contemporary sounds and fresh arrangements, whilst retaining the essential spirit and attitude of the music. Old Blues with new 'tude.

Since their formation in early 2010, Dreamboogie have toured Australia, appearing at Blues festivals and venues in major cities and regional areas, performed on Blues Trains and Blues Cruises, been part of live-to-air radio show transmissions, and built up up a solid, ever-growing fan base in the process. A tight music unit with a reputation for delivering entertaining, engaging, impassioned live performances with Bluesy style and flair, Dreamboogie remain in high

CDs include:

Ain't Nobody's Business (2014)

Who's Been Talking (EP) (2012)

I'm Ready (2011)

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