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Eli Wolfe

Eli Wolfe

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Eli Wolfe is carving a name for himself as one of the country's most distinct troubadours on his tour of community Australia. Eli is playing songs from his debut self-titled album, which he has co-produced alongside 2009 ARIA-nominated producer Tim Powles. The album is based on Eli's impressive timbered vocal melodies and captivating acoustic sound. Eli said that to challenge himself creatively, traditional drums, bass and electric guitars were deliberately not used.

"Instead I had fun discovering and playing with percussive sounds and textures from the likes of a washing machine, a marching drum and cement rendered walls," he said.

'She's like an ocean' is the first single from the album and has just been released to community radio to mark the tour milestone.

Touring this album in a camper he painted with his own brightly coloured artwork, Eli has already visited remote and regional towns in WA, SA, VIC and TAS in his extensive 'Community Australia Tour' intending to complete a full lap of the country. It's all part of the musician's grass roots approach, which sees him connecting with people in small towns and travellers by booking his own shows at local venues.

Live, Eli becomes one with his 6 and 12-string guitars, creating a dramatic wall of sound upon which his poetic lyrics soar. His powerful voice is at times intensely raw, and at others achingly tender. It's an engaging solo performance that has oft been taken for a three-piece band.

Eli has endeared himself to many new fans along the way, with audiences sensing a familiarity with Eli's music but challenged to identify a single genre from where it stems.

Eli said he's met a lot of amazing people on the road, from all corners of the country.

"You get to see the diversity of the people and the common thread that runs through us all; that's the beauty of it.

"It's great being able to contribute to the community by playing original music, inspiring others and being inspired by others.

"I found a similar vibe in India last year trekking south from Delhi to Goa, in that people are always ready to offer a spirited hand or smile.

CDs include:
Self-titled (2010)

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