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Exeter Groove (NSW)

Exeter Groove (NSW)

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Exeter Groove is essentially a drum and guitar duo playing the essence of blues with a strong groove factor. Little Walter, R.L. Burnside, John Mayal, J.B. Lenoir, Lightening Hopkins, Son House all influence and shape the sound of Exeter Groove. Their music is about life around them: work, love, women, dance, politics, religion and blue'n - still relevant today. Son House said, "the blues ain't nothing but a man thinking bout his woman".

The driving force behind Exeter Groove is singer/songwriter Dave O'Leary who says "I live with a woman who loves me with passion and hates with vengeance, so I write songs about her and me". He also writes about the world we live in, a world of multimedia and displaced humanity, of speed and travel, debt and uncertainty.

Dave Sell drums like he builds, like he works, like he designs, always excellent, finished and precise. He places passion and sensitivity into the drums and drives the groove, playing the blues from a place of pain and joy holding nothing back.

Together, their sound is organic and rootsy, with a 'sitting on the veranda style' finger picking, flat pick, soulful slide, harmonica and earthy drums, peeled back so you can almost hear the frogs in the swamp. Exeter Groove is old and new, historic and relevant, always a little different but if you are looking for the heart, the foundation of blues you'll find their profound influences in the music of Exeter Groove.

About the band:

Dave O'Leary... singer and song writer remains the driving force behind Exeter Groove since its conception in 1999 in the misty gullies of Exeter in the Southern Highlands of NSW (just up the highway from Goulburn). His rack harmonica and laconic song style is drawn from influences as diverse as Son House, Loe Kotke, R.L.Burnside, Bruce Cockburn, Little Walter, The Cruel Sea and Bob Dylan.

Dave Sell... former drummer of Big Black Train brings a strong and exotic edge to the music his singing and demanding drumming style adds an element of groove that drags the remnant onto the dance floor. Combined with O'Leary's wild rhythmic guitar style and wailing slide and harmonica, the Groove takes on a personality of it's own.

Occasional musicians with the band:

Keith Newman... drummer, touches base with Exeter Groove between performing and recording with other bands and artists including: 50 Million Beers, Simon Bruce, Bill Chambers, Cyndi Boste, Sally Anne Whitten Band and Little Bighorn.

Shane Pacey... brings a wealth of experience to the trio. For over 16 years he has fronted the legendary Bondi Cigars as lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. The band and Shane individually have received many awards and accolades and were nominated for an ARIA in 2003. His songs were featured on the popular television series, "Sea Change", and The Bondi Cigars have released 7 popular CDs since their inception. The band remains a popular and in-demand touring act.

CDs include:
The Human Touch (2006)
Let It Flow (2004)
Exeter Blues Groove! (2002)

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Exeter Groove featured at the 2007 Australian Blues Music Festival as a trio with David O'Leary, Dave Sell & Shane Pacey. They returned as a duo (David O'Leary & Keith Newman) to participate in a sensational blues-themed pizza night at Meridian Cafe on the weekend before the Festival in 2008. Dave O'Leary returned with Dave Sell for two more great Exeter Groove performances as part of the 2009 Festival.

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