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Finn (NSW)

Finn (NSW)

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Roots rockin' rhythm and blues describes the diverse musicality that is Finn.

The band has been performing for five years and in that time, they have produced three studio and one live CD.

Finn have performed at almost every major blues festival in Australia and are constantly touring the country.

2003 saw the release of 'That ain't the blues!' and the single Live in Fear, which featured on Rage throughout the year. In September 2004, 'Bush Bashin' was released as a joint CD with Ross Ward.

As winners of the Sydney Blues Society Performer of the Year in 2005, Finn went to Memphis to compete in the International Blues Challenge in February 2005 and are looking to return to the US in 2006.

Finn will be joined in Goulburn by the multi-talented Lindsay on piano and vocals.

Finn play rhythm and blues and write songs about where they live, Australia. Some protest songs, some love songs and some songs just about having the blues.

Jim Finn drums/lead vox
Michael Lynch bass
Paul Surany guitar
Lindsay - piano/vox

CDs include:
Stop Ya Bitchin' It's All Too Late (2006)
Bush Bashin' with Ross Ward (2004)
That aint the blues! (2003)
Live at Helensburg (2001)
No Relation (2000)

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Finn featured at the Australian Blues Music Festival in 2006, 2004 & 2002.

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