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Full Tilt Boogie (TAS)

Full Tilt Boogie (TAS)

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UPDATED: Now Known as"Merkin Brothers"

Full Tilt Boogie - The Merkin Brothers Family Band

This 5 piece boogie blues band is based in Hobart Tasmania and have been gigging regularly around Tasmania for more than five years. They specialise in party style blues with an emphasis on dancing and entertainment value, but also inject this with some serious down and dirty old school as well. They play many styles of blues from swamp to Texas to western swing with a commitment to portray the music as it was meant to be played… with heart and soul.

The band have recorded an 8 song demo CD at Red Planet studios in Hobart that has sold very healthily at gigs. It contains 3 original songs and 5 reinterpretations of some classic songs.

Full Tilt Boogie shows are known for their high energy and sense of fun. They have a permanent booking at the Doctor Syntax Hotel in Hobart, which features blues artists as its staple and also work on a regular basis all around the state including festivals. They are members of the Launceston Blues Club and founding members and officers of the Hobart Blues Club.

Full Tilt Boogie are:

HANK.B.MERKIN (aka Simon Bradshaw) - guitars, slide guitars, harmonica, and vocals. Hank has played guitar all his life and his first love is the blues. He has drawn from many influences over the years and this has developed into his own style sometimes described as sweetly raucus. Hank also writes for the band.

ARLO (THE PROFESSOR) MERKIN (aka Graham Austin*) - keyboards, guitar, sometimes drums. Arlo is the keys player mostly and really adds that authentic sound with his deft touch. He plays a Nord and extracts beautiful Hammond, piano and honky tonk sounds that make your spine tingle. We love him.

* Unfortunately, Arlo (Graham) is unable to make it to Goulburn in 2008 so Alison Penney will be filling in for him.

JIMBOB MERKIN (aka Alex Howard) - drums, percussion, sometimes keyboards. Jimbob is the baby of the band being only 21. He is a natural drummer and plays a Texas shuffle like he was born in Austin. He is studying piano at the conservatorium of music in Hobart and sometimes does a swap with Arlo onstage for a change of flavour. He is just a kid but is a keen devotee of blues music…. we love him too.

LEROY MERKIN (aka Conrad Joyce) - bass guitar, double bass. Leroy comes from a very diverse background in music and spent many years playing in Melbourne playing jazz with some very high profile outfits but claims to have come to his senses when he joined a rhythm and blues band about ten years ago and has never looked back. With his background in jazz it makes for some interesting quirks in our sound and we really dig that. We love him.

THE REVEREND SLIM MERKIN (aka Geoffrey. D. Rogers) - lead vocals, percussion. Slim is the "front man" for the band and has done many styles over the years but blues and soul have always flowed through his veins. He is also a fan of country so he loves the Texas swing and country blues the band also inject into the set. His influences include Ray Charles, Joe Cocker,Van morrison, and even Georgie Fame among many others. Slim and Hank are the songwriters in the band, and the band arrange and orchestrate the songs as a a unit.

CDs include:
Take the Wheel - 8 track demo (2005)

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Full Tilt Boogie featured at the 2008 Australian Blues Music Festival .



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