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Ghost Road (NSW)

Ghost Road (NSW)

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Ghost Road is an original band, pumping out their own style of roots music. They have been on the road for twelve years entertaining & wowing audiences with their distinctive original sound. You will go a long way to find four musicians who blend their talents, and play as a band like Ghost Road do.

A solid tight outfit, the band constantly push the limits of their music whilst consistently creating the vibe that captures audiences of all ages.

Ghost Road is comprised of brothers Steve and Beau Bennett (singer/songwriters/guitarists) alongside Brody Yonnon (drums) and Ben Hardman (bass). The original music produced by this incredible 4-piece band is enough to make any Australian music fan proud. Contemporary "Roots based" songs that are "contagious" if not "seductive". Ghost Road's music commands the attention of anybody in earshot.

This is the all-original blues outfit. Ten years together with a plethora of self-penned songs, Ghost Road have all the moves and all the groove - they certainly won't be disappearing any time soon. They leave no stone unturned as they take you on a journey of not only their own works but also past blues styles and techniques.

Ghost Road are:

Steve Bennet: Steve's unique singing voice complements the overall sound of the group. His creative song writing skills generate innovative lyrics and riffs which create the moods and grooves that have entertained their audiences for years.

Beau Bennet: Beau plays with passion and feel. A talented guitarist who recently won "Best Guitarist" at the Coffs Harbour Battle of the Bands competition as he helped Ghost Road rock to victory.

Ben Hardman: Ben is the most recent member of the band. His input has re-invigorated the band and his musicianship is impressing audiences and critics alike.

Brody Yonnon: Brody provides the rhythmic backbone to the unique sound of the band. His enthusiastic drumming and accomplished songwriting makes him an important part of this 4-piece band.

CDs include:
Fake Disguise (2005)
Private Eyes (1997)

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Ghost Road featured at the 2008 Australian Blues Music Festival.

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