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Greg Dodd & the Hoodoo Men (VIC)

Greg Dodd & the Hoodoo Men (VIC)

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Greg Dodd & The Hoodoo Men consists of some of Melbourne's finest Blues musicians.

Heavily influenced by the early recordings made in Chicago on the Chess and Delmark labels and their performances are a mixture of up-tempo swings, shuffles and boogies as well as a good selection of slow blues with fiery guitar licks and dynamic harmonica riffs delivered with intensity straight from the heart - as all blues music should be played!

Three members have all won the Prestigious MBAS Blues Challenge which enabled them to perform at The International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN . Greg Dodd & Clint Healy 2012, Dan Dinnen 2009.

Greg Dodd after first hearing the genre at 18. "From the minute I heard blues music, I was hooked" says Greg. "The blues to me seems different to a lot of other forms of music as it seems like it's coming straight from your soul".

Greg has toured extensively around Australia playing at almost every major blues festival. Playing alongside some of our countries best but none greater than the "Godfather" of Australian blues, Dutch Tilders. In 2013, Greg represented the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society as a Blues Performer of the Year in Memphis TN at The International Blues Challenge performing at B B King's Club as a semi-finalist.

When watching or listening to his guitar playing, you will instantly be drawn to his soul stirring emotional style.

Dan Dinnen an artist in his own right, feels right at home as the lead singer / harmonica player. Blues Performer of the Year winner in 2009 representing the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society in Memphis TN at The International Blues Challenge. Dan has been around a while and has quite a reputation for his Mississippi type Delta style of music and has played many major festivals in Australia.

Once Dan steps up to the band stand as a front man, he turns into a bonafide blues man and completely immerses himself into the character. His vocal prowess is sublime and his excellent abilities on the harmonica complete the band's overall sound.

Clint Healy originally from Perth WA, Clint moved to Melbourne in the early nineties. Not long after his arrival he met Greg through an audition and has been involved in the Melbourne music scene now for over 20 years. Clint has performed alongside Greg in many bands which has led to a friendship and chemistry musically melding a sound together over time. Clint has played many Australian music festivals and was also a Blues Performer of the Year winner at The Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society's annual competition in 2013.

Clint is a solid addition to our band's rhythm section and works in well with the band's Swingin', Shufflin' and Boogie Grooves.

Rob O'Toole has been involved in numerous bands over the last 30 years around Melbourne and has played with almost every blues player around town. Rob also has an extensive recording library with the likes of Dutch Tilders, Lloyd Spiegel and many more. Rob has played at most Australian Blues Festivals and has been the constant "go to drummer" by blues act over the years. Like Greg, Rob toured extensively throughout Australia alongside Australia's "Godfather"of the Blues, Dutch Tilders.

Nick named "The shuffle king of the pig skins", illustrates how his peers feel about Rob's blues playing behind the drum kit!

CDs include:
3am Blues Live (2014)

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