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Hot Biscuit Band

A band of veteran players, headed by Rick Steele with a mix of blues and laid-back country rock, The Hot Biscuit Band manage to cultivate a definitive Australian imagery with their music, rather than merely reproducing American roots music.

However, the band took their name from the legendary "King Biscuit Time" radio show, a program which brought music to generations of black Americans throughout the Mississippi Delta and beyond, spawning the career of BB King, among others and often cited as the birthplace of rock'n'roll. In a similar vein, the Hot Biscuit Band has fostered the talents of many fledgling performers over the years, but retained the integral unit that made the band popular in Australia and New Zealand.

Since 1994 the Hot Biscuit Band have performed as a five piece, which has not only proved immensely popular with a wide range of audience, but also allowed individual members to showcase fully their skills as singers, musicians and songwriters.

CDs include:

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The Hot Biscuit Band featured at the Australian Blues Music Festival in 2000.

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