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Jimi Hocking's Blues Machine (VIC)

Jimi Hocking's Blues Machine (VIC)

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Jimi Hocking is a Songwriter, Singer and Guitarist of the highest calibre, the Electric Love Child of T-Bone Walker, BB King and Jimi Hendrix.

He struts the stage with his band, playing his 'showy' guitar style while pulling all the Classic stunts ... behind the head ... the duck walk ... even the splits!

Jimi is in his element live on stage, whether it be a small cafe or a massive festival. His combination of banter and story-telling, wailing guitar and mandolin with superb songwriting and performance makes Jimi one of the 'Must-See' Acts in Blues today.

Jimi's affinity with the guitar started as a boy when his father, Kevin Hocking (a well known pianist and composer) realised that Jimi was more interested in Chuck Berry than his piano lessons, and so presented him with a primitive acoustic guitar for Christmas. These humble beginnings led to an ongoing career in music, with Jimi playing electric guitar, acoustic guitar and mandolin.

The mid-1980's was when Jimi cut his teeth, playing hundreds of pub shows fronting bands like The Astroboysand The Astros . In the late-1980's and early-1990's Jimi had his own career as a hard rock artist. Known as Jimi the Human he released two recordings ... the Top 20 live album 'No Turning Back' and 'Living in Luxury' in 1993 .

The combination of high speed picking and blues bends on these albums left an indelible impression on many guitarists ... including Joe Satriani, Edgar Winter and George Thorogood, all with whom Jimi toured.

In fact, when Jimi played a little guitar to Blues Legend BB King in1989 (while he visited Australia with U2) BB exclaimed, "I've been Watching You ... and You're Good!"

Jimi is the winner of the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society Performer of the Year in 2005 and International Blues Challenge in Memphis in February 2006. He is also a three time CAV Best Acoustic Performer award winner. In 2010, Jim has won the VIC/Tas Award for Band of the Year and Album of the Year.

His musical pedigree is Solid, the son of legendary pianist/composer/conductor Kevin Hocking, Jim spent his formative years around the whos who of music and show business.

Electric: Jimi Hockings Blues Machine

Jimi is a singer and guitarist of the highest calibre. A T-Bone Walker, BB King and Chuck Berry devotee. The pin striped Jimi struts the stage with his band, playing his showy style on a vintage arch top guitar while pulling all the classic stunts behind the head the duck walk even the splits! (His other interest, Martial Arts no doubt helps.)

Acoustic: Jimi the human Hocking

Jimis song writing style was formed during the early 1980s, as he was a regular performer around the Melbourne caf scene. His solo show is a mix of folk and blues, with often-hilarious preambles. Also a closet Bluegrass enthusiast, the Mandolin is also produced for a song or two.

Wasnt he in that band?

A guitarist of Jimis talent is always in demand as a hired gun. Consequently apart from his own previous groups: Jimi the Human & Spectre 7 and The Astro Boys, Jimi has lent his guitar prowess to groups as diverse as The Coasters (USA), Chelsea Brown, The Angels and The Screaming Jets.

CDs include:

Live in the Moment (Live Album 2011)
Electric Mojo Machine (2009)
Blue Mandolin (2007)
Give Jimi Some Love (2002)

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Jimi Hocking featured at the Australian Blues Music Festival in 2004.

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