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John McNamara

John McNamara

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Taking cues from soul greats such as Otis Redding and Sam Cooke, John delivers an emotionally charged performance, a Mix of Pop Sensibilities, Fiery Blues and Slick Guitar Playing making John McNamara the new artist to watch on the blues scene.

"Soulful is rather an understatement... Listeners were hypnotised into silence by his raw rustic tone....A beautiful purity to his voice."Broadway Baby-Edinburgh 2012

"An Exceptional musical experience... I felt nothing but a sense of privilege... A Deeply Satisfying show." - Three Weeks Edinburgh 2012

Australian Soul/Blues artist John McNamara will release his debut album late 2012 through Australia's most successful blues & roots Label Black Market Music.

John has worked as a Guitarist for local and international acts and appeared on programs such as Chanel 10's 'The Morning Show' , Rage & MTV.

John has found acoustic soul & blues to be the perfect showcase for his guitar playing and powerful voice. With a style and delivery that stays authentic to it's roots.

In recent years John has worked as a promoter touring with musicians and Comedians from the US ,UK and Australia.

John kick started the publicity for the upcoming album at The Edinburgh Fringe in August 2012 playing daily shows as well as wowing audiences appearing regulary as a special guest for Michael Winslow (Police Academy star) mixing blues with beat box. John received rave reviews throughout the festival and road tested his new material.

John then played 5 shows in Germany touring with German blues talent Johnny Rieger.

"So much Soul and Edge for a young Man. If you put Jonny Lang, Chris Robinson, Diesel and perhaps me in a blender you'll get a powerful cocktail for sure. But nothing will prepare you for the new taste of old soul that is John McNamara." - ERIC MARTIN (Mr. big vocalist.)

CDs include:

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