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Key Grip (ACT)

Key Grip (ACT)

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LEO JOSEPH band founder, Keys & Vocals has for years thought that Key Grip is a marvelous name for a band and he's used it since 1992.

From Adelaide originally, he loves learning what the Blues has to offer, especially the seemingly endless lode that blues piano seems to provide.

Piano has always been the instrument that fascinates him the most, but Leo is an Old Rhythm Guitarist from way back, just chugging away with the rhythm section applying a less is more approach and looking for the color in chords.

In Key Grip, Leo takes the line that "It's gotta Swing". So whether it's up tempo or not Leo's going to be doing his best to make sure it's all just swinging and cooking along.

CDs include:
Cuts & Takes (2011) 

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