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Pearl Noire with Lemon Squeezin' Daddies (NSW)

Pearl Noire with Lemon Squeezin' Daddies (NSW)

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In a few short years, the Lemon Squeezin Daddies established themselves as one of the premier blues bands in Sydney. A strength of the Daddies has long been their live performances and in former lead singer Stephen Garry, they had one of the best front men in the business. Always entertaining, he was ably aided and abetted in his on-stage antics by fellow Lemon Squeezin Daddies: Jonathan Simpkins (guitar), Ian Hollister (blues harp & chromatic harmonica), Peter ONeill (upright and electric basses) and Robert Floyd (drums).

In 2009 the Daddies gained their most recent member, the remarkable Pearl Noire who fronts the band these days - a larger than life personality with a sensational stage presence. Pearl replaced Steve Garry when he decided to take a break from music after almost a decade fronting the band.

The Daddies have a larger than life sense of humour and fun and it shows on stage. Having featured at festivals throughout Australia, the Daddies invite an audience to enjoy themselves, an invitation that remains open from the first song right through to the last.

CDs include:
Juiced One Night (2008)
Freshly Squeezed (2004)
Shake 'n' Shimmy (2001)

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