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Leo Joseph (ACT)

Leo Joseph (ACT)

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Leo reckons that life is just a journey during which you can only try and be a better piano player. He's been doing regular solo piano gigs in Canberra Q and has performed at the 2012 Goulburn Blues Festival with Sydney blues and boogies piano maestros Jan Preston and Don Hopkins. He has had so much fun at these gigs that he wanted to share the experience with other players as well as other audiences. So he hit upon the idea of translating New Orleans Radio Station WWOZ's annual piano nights to Canberra (pourquoi pas? as they say in New Orleans) and inviting a few pardners in blues to play the piano. Et voila, (as they say in New Orleans), Canberra Blues Piano Nights were born. Leo also fronts two bands, Nightless Lovers who are dedicated to playing Percy Mayfield's soulful 1950s blues tunes, and Key Grip, whose motto is, "it's gotta swing".


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