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Mick Dog's Boneyard

Mick Dog's Boneyard

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Mick Dog's Bone Yard is the old blues from the swamp and hot nights of the deep South.

Full of Conjure and Deep Back Beat, ...The Boneyard bring the hot Summer reverb up from the bubbling head waters of the funky old blues, the skins and reverb of the great 50's styles where everything was getting ready to bust loose all over the World.

Formed in 2013, The Bone Yard with Mick Dog (the Wild man shaker and channeller of the Holy Ghost) and Dan Watson (The Sainted Mayor of Tom Tom City), have played across the land, hot nights in suburban Clubs full of cash and rolling eyes, five set break outs in remote Juke Joints, Festivals where they've jammed will V8 motors and rolling Buicks, crowd surfing cafes full of incredulous backpackers, sweat boxes full of over weight whisky drinkers and back block gigs under distant boogaloo Suns.

The BoneYard have just recorded a new CD up in Turkey Shot Studios in Jung, Victoria to be released in 2015 and will head out on the road to get the floor throbbing and the old blues alive and shouting.

CDs include:

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