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Mississippi Shakedown (NSW)

Mississippi Shakedown (NSW)

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Mississippi Shakedown is a band with a minimum of FUSS with a Maximum of EFFECT .

A 4 piece unit led by Blues Charged SLIDE GUITAR ... with a "Don't Bore Us, Get To the Chorus" Attitude.

With influence from the Deep South, these guys have heart. This Band was not created to play in a Restaurant.

Just take a listen to their CDs, Original songs, with An Original Attitude. The band takes no prisoners on their journey to Shakedown an audience. Once seen, Never Forgotten, Once heard ALWAYS Loved!!!

With every GRAND performance, it has been proven without a shadow of a doubt, Mississippi Shakedown never fails to please an audience, whether it be an audience of blues aficionados or Smokey Pub Joe Public - Mississippi Shakedown always hits the mark.

Fronted by Mississippi Jeff Cripps, (well known owner of A# Sharp Recording Studio and three times Australian Blues Music Awards' Producer Of The Year, with a dozen of his artists also having won Australian Blues Awards) on slide guitar and vocals and Wayne Leffler - Mandolin / Harp / Guitar / Fine Vocals, the Band is driven by John Gannon on bass with Derek Smith on drums in the engine room!!

Finalists in the Sydney Blues Society 2007 Performer of the Year Competition.

Mississippi Shakedown is the REAL DEAL!!!

CDs include:

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Mississippi Shakedown have appeared at the Australian Blues Music Festival in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013

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