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Muma Jane Chicago Blues Band (NSW)

Muma Jane Chicago Blues Band (NSW)

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Muma Jane Chicago Blues Band show is an uplifting musical journey through the post-war Chicago blues scene with a touch of jazz thrown in. Incorporating songs from these heady days, by immortalised legends of the blues, creators of the building blocks of rock and roll. The journey also takes in the jump blues, swing and jazz of this era with some timeless classics.

This unique blend of music is destined to stir the emotive ingredients of a good time. Rather than trying to play the music note for note, Muma Jane Chicago Blues Band prefer to do an interpretation while still relating the essential grooves and feel that makes the music what it is.

That's what it's all about. This music was designed for the soul. It was created in the juke joints and roadhouses and matured in the urban club scene for people to let their hair down after a hard days work.

The Muma Jane Chicago Blues Band are:
Jane Stewart-Kemble - vocals
Stewart Talve - vocals, lead guitar
Mark Bunyan - sax
Jim Wright - rhythm guitar
Craig Thomlinson - bass
Mick Huxley - drums

CDs include:
Windy City Blues (2005)

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Muma Jane Chicago Blues Band featured at the 2008 Festival. We welcome them back for the 2010 Australian Blues Music Festival.

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