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P L Williamson

P L Williamson

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Working late One Night, Harvesting wheat, miles from any town or road,

A light moved through the sky and increased in brightness until it was blinding.

All of a sudden the engine of the harvester stopped and there was silence….

"Never before had I experienced anything so out of this world and still to this day I am unsure what happened."

The P. L. Williamson Solo Bluesman journey began.

P. L. Williamson (born Peter Lewis Williamson) is an Australian blues singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Known for his previous work as guitarist in the band Mammal,

Pete Murray's band the Stonemasons and currently as the singer/guitarist for the blues/rock trio Black Devil Yard Boss.

The solo 'one man band' tunes are Stompin Blues Originals, played with acoustic guitar and foot percussion.

CDs include:

"Whirlwind" EP (2012)

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