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Ragweed (NSW)

Ragweed (NSW)

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Doin that Rag... who are these crazy cats and whats that crazy sound they're makin'?

Ragweed are a Ragtime Blues Band and thats what they play... Foot-Stompin' Acoustic Ragtime Blues. Whats that you ask... "Ragtime?"... well Ragtime means "Ragged Time" and refers to the strong syncopation inherent in this rootsy musical style. Ragtime blues formed the basis of the material played by the jugbands or "junk" bands of the 1920s and 30s. It has a unique character that is at once down-to-earth, catchy, dynamic and wildly entertaining.

Ragweed are about keeping alive this traditional blues style through the course of their own creativity. The themes in their music are universal, often satirical reflections on everyday life, and its all about having a mighty good time!!

Ragweed features the soulful gravelly vocals, wailing harmonica and saucy kazoo of Luke Gerrish; the punchy finger-style guitar, dobro and banjo of Josh Rust; Phil Rorke playing the tea-chest box-bass like it has scarcely been heard before, giving the band a catchy rhythmic pulse; and the on-stage antics of percussionist-extraordinaires Matt Elliot and Dan Fuller on washboard, shakers, snare drum & brushes, tin cans, cow bells and banjos!

Consistent touring and gigging since 1998 has seen the band deliver its lively and rollicking style to festivals, hotels, clubs and markets from Woodford to Goulburn. Ragweed's shows are comprised of their own original tunes along with interpretations of many traditional blues and jugband classics. Their performances are lively and spontaneous, with plenty of audience participation, and NOBODY LEAVES WITHOUT WEARING A TIE!

CDs include:
Ragweed (2000)

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With their unique tie gimmick, Ragweed were one of the favourite acts at the Australian Blues Music Festival in 2004 & 2003.


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