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The Redundant Outhouse Band (NSW)

The Redundant Outhouse Band (NSW)

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Rock, raunch & roots, the vocals duel dangerously, hung in howling wench holsters. There are no manners and no moochers. Its real. Its rare and its revelled by all ages.

Just one peek in at one of the many venues TROB already plays (The Sandringham, Old Manly Boatshed, The Hopetoun Hotel, The Harp and The Annandale) and the variety in ages and overall reaction is living, breathing, PAYING testimony.

Original in material and presentation, The Redundant Outhouse Band rocks a billy to swing them blues. Theyve mustered a mob of styles to break a brumby like none bred before. So, dont miss the ride of a lifetime. Itll be rough, rowdy and well worth the sore ass.

Born inbred on Sydneys Northern Beaches, these four young roustabouts have been raiding water holes and shindigs since January 2002.

Wanted for smokin up that bluegrass from Mona Vale to Maroubra, Byron to Bathurst, The Redundant Outhouse Band burn the house down with their bellowing hot brand of jug punk rockin blues.

Dirty Dan Prescott (Daniel Prescott) vocals, dobro
Mamma Caz Thompson (Caroline Thompson) vocals, banjo, lapslide
Stretch McHock (Nathan Prescott) double bass
Dyno-mite Watson (Lee Watson) drums

CDs include:
Shake Hands with the Unemployed (2004)

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The Redundant Outhouse Band featured at the Australian Blues Music Festival in 2004.


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