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Richard Perso (VIC)

Richard Perso (VIC)

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Australian singer/songwriter Richard Perso is a multi-instrumentalist who single-handedly redefines the phrase "one-man band." Sitting on a stomp box with a drum pedal under his left foot and a tambourine under his right, Richard strums on one of his many guitars, throws in a little harmonica here and there, and sings in his low-range bluesy voice into one of his two vocal microphones. All of Richard's guitars have two pick-ups, one of which runs directly into an effects pedal that he controls with his feet when he is not busy controlling the drum pedal or tambourine. Additionally, all of Richard's music is created live on stage without any backing tracks. On top of all this intense musical action, his trademark is adding in some notes played on one of his three didgeridoos.

Hailing from Yackandandah in North-East Victoria, Richard is quickly becoming one of the most popular acts at festivals around Australia. Since sharing the stage with some of Australia's best blues artists such as Phil Manning, Collard Greens and Gravy, Geoff Achison, Fiona Boyes and Lisa Miller as well as sharing line-ups with Jeff Lang, Bob Brozman and Blue King Brown, many blues followers have predicted this rising star will be the future of blues and folk music.

Skip Landy in his promotion for Devonshire Blues said, "Richard Perso is an exceptional guitarist; he is a name who is surely going to become well known. Jeff Lang and John Butler should be looking over their shoulders now because the next generation is here."

Richard continues to win awards for his vocal and instrumental talents all across Australia. At the National Folk Festival during Easter 2009, he was awarded the Lis Johnston Memorial Award for Vocal Excellence and in 2008 at the Wagga Wagga Jazz and Blues Festival, he was awarded the Best Young Blues Performer Award.

To his followers, it's amazing that all this talent came from a beaten up old guitar that a lady from church gave to him when he was just 13 years old. Ever since that moment, Richard was mainly self-taught and established himself as an avid busker. He first started busking to earn money for a new electric guitar. It wasn't until later when he saw a young performer at the Yackandandah Folk Festival that he discovered the 12 string slide so often heard in his current musical tracks.

Soon after he discovered the slide and open tuning, he added several other instruments and effects. Pretty soon, there was no stopping the performer's ambition and talent. He quickly added a stomp box, tambourine and in 2008, added his signature didgeridoo to his performances.

Richard is constantly working to perfect his own personal style, a style that has earned him such rave reviews as "Amazing vocals and sensational guitar" and, simply, "he gives me goose bumps.". "I wanted to start the festival with a bang, but he exploded onto stage. What an opening!"

CDs include:
Out from the Shadows (2010)
On Track (EP)

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