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Rising Damp (NSW)

Rising Damp (NSW)

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Originating from Wagga Wagga and a vast array of backgrounds and walks of life, Rising Damp combined in 2004 to form an eclectic musical combination. Blues, roots, rock, funk, whatever the category, Rising Damp ooze rhythm. With Stephen Wakeling (drums) and Jeff Sutton (bass guitar) forming the rhythmical foundations, the audience has no choice but to get into the groove.

This, coupled with the distinctive musicality of Robbie Van Delft (lead guitar and flute) and raw keyboard sounds (Renae Wakeling), provides the perfect platform for the bands lead singer Ronny Moffatt to entertain. Ronny is all personality and constantly involves the audience in her performance, singing with feeling and attitude.

A night with Rising Damp is guaranteed to be energetic and full of life.

Rising Damp are:

Rhonda (Ronny) Moffatt - Vocals - Coming to the band with a background in theatre and vocal only groups, Ronnie has really enjoyed the experience of fronting a five piece band. She has a great blues style voice and an equally impressive personality, ideally suited to fronting this energetic band.

Renae Wakeling - Keyboards / Backup Vocals - Learning piano for years as a kid, Renae soon found that this coupled with her love of live music was a perfect platform for her venture into the band scene. The raw hammond organ sound along with the blues piano is a great addition to the Rising Damp sound.

Robbie Van Delft - Lead Guitar / Flute - originally based in Brisbane, Robbie played with some very well known, successful bands in the 70s. With names such as the Coloured Balls, and the Bowery Boys. At one stage even supporting the Jackson 5 and receiving specific mention in newspaper reviews. Today his musicality and individuality continues to shine through and impress his audiences.

Jeff Sutton - Bass Guitar - Jeff is a very accomplished and experienced musician who has been playing for many years in some very successful bands throughout the Sydney and Riverina area. Joining this band as a side project, he quickly made Rising Damp a main priority. Jeff creates constantly moving bass lines giving the band a certain energy and excitement.

Stephen Wakeling - Drums - An experienced drummer, has played for many years with various bands in the Riverina as well as in Sydney and on the North Coast. Stephen combines well with Jeff to give the band a steady rhythm section. Stephen has a drum style which is musical as well as rhythmic and is always guaranteed to be dynamic.

CDs include:
Self-Titled (2005)

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Rising Damp featured at the 2008 Australian Blues Music Festival.


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