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Soul Safari (VIC)

Soul Safari (VIC)

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Snug grooves with raw and energetic vocals boiling down Grunge Funk Hiphop& Soul. They are one of Australia's strongest bands in the Modern Soul movement with lyrics that will linger in your mind well after the stage lights go out…'Pearl Magazine 2013' Praised as one of Melbourne's best and most Original acts SOUL SAFARI have been making waves across Australia. These groove based music makers are wowing crowds with their passionate and energetic performances, leaving audiences begging for an encore. A sweet blend of Neo Soul, Funk, Rnb and Hip Hop, Soul Safari are a band with a story to tell. Headed by the audacious, the inimitable powerhouse vocalist Lisa Faithfull, Soul Safari combine the intricate Beats of Melbourne's favourite left handed drummer Sam Leskovec, with the baddest Bass lines by Stew Taylor , they add the sweet Guitar tones of their 2 groove machines Tom Biffin on a self made sexy hollowbody and Nicko Morgan Lowe with his sultry strat playing. Add in a roaring horn section headed up by Daniel Mcilvride, Alex Howroyd and Miles Williams and you have one hell of a show!!!

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The Weather (2012) *Single


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