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Sugar Bowl Hokum (NSW)

Sugar Bowl Hokum (NSW)

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Memphis Minnie.., Lighting Hopkins.., Big Mama Thorton are some just some of the amazing artists who inspire us.

These artists have Amazing Stories, Talent and Songs with Great Lyrics and Attitude!!

The music we perform primarily originated in the Black American community usually found being played in in illegal establishment's sometimes known as a speakeasy, selling "Bootleg Liquor"

Driven by their Love of Obscure songs from the 1920's and 30's

Sugar Bowl Hokum scour the Crackly Groves of Old 78's to find the best femme-centric songs of the era. The first blues and jazz superstars were woman and it is their contribution to all popular music that Sugar Bowl Hokum pay homage to.

As a result they do not slavishly stick to one style, incorporation the many sounds of blues into their repertoire from the Classic  Blues of Bessie Smith to the R&B of Ruth Brown, with Swing, Country Blues, Texas Blues, New Orleans Jazz, Ragtime, Hokum and more all included in the mix.

Comprising of PK on Double Bass, Tim O'Driscoll on percussion, Michael Meissner on acoustic guitar & Ukulele, Cassandra Woodfield on vocals and Kazoo, their lineup is often augmented by Tanya Maree on trumpet and special guest Harp

One thing that can certainly be said about Sugar Bowl Hokum is that they play Happy Blues suitable for having a Good Time

CDs include:
A Cure for your ills (2014)

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