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Tabasco Tom & Doc White

Tabasco Tom & Doc White

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Tabasco Tom and Doc White are an acoustic country blues duo who can swing and play classic tunes and authentic sounding originals.

Mix one part old-time medicine show, one part hillbilly swing, spice with a bit of country blues and good ol' Piedmont pickin' and you have the Tabasco Tom and Doc White show.

Tabasco hails from Long Island, New York and is steeped in the traditions of the American musical heartland and has a sack full of original songs.

Doc has been a devotee of this type of music ever since he saw Johnny Cash in Adelaide in 1969. In the long journey since Doc has mastered quite a few instruments and written some songs.

They have both spent years soaking up the same musical heritage - Blues from the Delta, Hillbilly music from the Appalachians, Western Swing from Texas, and Country music from Nashville and they have all gone into the musical melting pot.

They are like-minded musical souls who are passionate about keeping this music they love fresh but faithful, energetic but respectful, adventurous but grounded. Hear the sounds of this incredible musical heritage played by two musicians who understand it's heart and soul.

CDs include: Self Titled Album "Tabasco Tom and Doc White" (2011)

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