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The Jacky Howllers

The Jacky Howllers

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The Jacky Howellers have been etching their own path in the blues for nearly a decade. A 2 man outfit consisting of Rod Mitchell on guitar, kickdrums and vocals and harmonica ace Dan Sullivan the act has been a regular at both regional and national blues festivals.
What you can expect from the acclaimed duo is a powerhouse "footstompin blues" experience, drawing heavy influence from the masters of American blues including Muddy Waters, Little Walter & Howlin Wolf. Mitchell's use of electrified slide and acoustic guitar & stomp with Sullivan's amplified & traditional acoustic harmonica has consistently delivered memorable "sweaty & roudy" nights for all present.
The Jacky Howellers have recently played both the 2014 Australian & Sydney blues festivals and the 2015 Blues on Broadbeach festival, selling out of CD's. Among this they have shared the stage with Aussie blues heavyweights Ash Grunwald, Fiona Boyes, Ray Beadle & Alison Penney & the Moneymakers and toured 3 times with Australian blues legend Phil Manning, gaining momentum & crowd following with every stage performance

CDs include:

The Jacky Howlers EP (2014)

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