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The Bellhops (NSW)

The Bellhops (NSW)

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The Bellhops consist of 7 extremely experienced musicians who are also lovers of Rhythm & Blues and Swing music. The musical sound of the Bellhops falls into the blues 'n' swing style, with some jazz influences, highlighted by vocalist and guitarist, Ian Dittman. Apart from their outstanding original tunes The Bellhops' songlist covers 5 decades of popular music from the Swing and Jive era of the late 40s with numbers from Louis Jordan and Big Joe Turner, the good old 50s Rock'n'Roll from the likes of Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis, the 60s Soul and R&B sound of Ray Charles, Wilson Pickett and James Brown, through to the 70s, 80s and 90s with material form The Blues Brothers, The Commitments, Joe Cocker and lots more.

The Bellhops debut CD release "Room Service" was picked for airplay on the ABC and many regional stations all around Australia as well as overseas. It was also nominated for "Album of the Year" at the 1998 Australian Blues Music Awards presented at the Australian Blues Music Festival in Goulburn NSW.

Their latest release sees the Bellhops cementing their place as one of Australia's finest exponents of this genre of music. Some very fine song writing coupled with some excellent musicianship make this album a new high point for a band that always delivers the goods.

Winners of the 2003 Chain Awards 'Album of the Year' and 'Blues Band of the Year'.

Ian Dittman - vocals, guitar
Mark Roulston - bass, vocals
John Russell - lead & slide guitars
Steve 'wrongway' Lovarini - drums
Steve O'Connell - saxophone
Bruce Allen - Baritone Saxophone
Ed Shots - Tenor and Baritone Saxophone
Richard Booth (Bootman) - Tenor, Baritone, Alto, Soprano Saxophone

CDs include:
The Great Con Job (2010)
No Reservations (2002)
Room Service (1997)

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