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Blues at Bridgetown Festival

Blues at Bridgetown Festival

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Blues at Bridgetown is an incorporated association established 1993.

Its continued success is, without question, due to the dedicated volunteers who keep the organisation running day-in day-out, year after year to deliver the annual event along with the local community groups, organisations and businesses.

Blues at Bridgetown just doesn't happen to be in Bridgetown - Bridgetown presents Blues at Bridgetown.

The distinction may be subtle, but it makes a world of difference.

Mix in the uniqueness of the local region and the result is an event and organisation that hasn't been consigned to history like so many others.

Ray Purvis from Rhythms Magazine captured all this very well in October 1996 when just prior the fourth festival he wrote …

Blues at Bridgetown


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Winners were announced on Saturday 9th...