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Phil Manning - 'Two Roads'

Phil Manning - 'Two Roads'

Artist Name: Phil Manning

CD Title: Two Roads

Year Released: 1997

Song List:
1. Water on the Road
2. New Dress
3. If you see my Baby
4. Two Roads
5. Too Late Too Late
6. Just Eighteen
7. Squeeze Your Hips
8. Travellin' Highway Blues
9. Bills to Pay
10. Gettin' Back Under My Skin
11. Christmas Morning Phone Call
12. Dingo Moan
13. A Thousand Miles Away
14. Rap Trap Blues
15. Madness Set Loose
16. Across the Sea

Other Albums Available:

Checkmate Move (2010)
The Essential Acoustic Collection (2006)
Migrants Dance (2003)  
Take Note (2000)

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Price: $25.00


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