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Jack Derwin - "Covered All in Blue"

Jack Derwin -


CD Title: Covered All in Blue

Year Released: 2013

Song List:

1.      Covered All in Blue

2.      Chemistry

3.      Confusion

4.      Crazy Love

5.      Still the Same

6.      Women Let Me know

7.      Lets Talk About Love

8.      Magnolia

9.      The Rails

10.    Walkabout Blues

11.    Temptation

12.    Johnson Street

13.    Take me Back Home

14.    Love for You

15.    Room to Move

16.    When the Blues is Goin Down

17.    Take Me Back Home (Alternate Version)

18.    Covered All in Blue (Alternate Version)

Available Albums
Bend It(2006)
Jack Cat Blues(2005

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Price: $25.00


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