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Stringybark McDowell & Molly Coddlecream - "Madder than a Backward Flying Crow"

Stringybark McDowell & Molly Coddlecream -

Stringybark McDowell & Molly Coddlecream

CD Title: Madder than a Backward Flying Crow

Year Released: 2015

Song List:
1. Uncle Dynamite
2. Some Lovers
3. The System is Broken
4. Rain in where Recluses Live
5. Sinnerman (Traditional)
6. Change is What I Need
7. Madder than a Backward Flying Crow
8. Aberdeen Mississippi (Bukka White)
9. I Can't Fight
10. Careless Love (W.C. Handy)
11. His Spirit (R. Squire / K. Terrington)
12. Honest John
13. Hey Hey My My (Neil Young)
14. Sacred Place
15. Dumb & F@#ked
16. Alone and Forsaken (Hank Williams)

Other Albums Available:

Simple Songs of Everyday Stuff! and That! (2009)

Thump Rattle Plunk (2007)

Sweet & Swampy (2000)

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Price: $25.00


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