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Andrew Winton - 'Advanced Lap Slide Guitar' (DVD)

Andrew Winton - 'Advanced Lap Slide Guitar' (DVD)

Band Name: Andrew Winton

DVD Title: Advanced Lap Slide Guitar

Year Released: 2008

Award winning musician Andrew Winton is an independent solo artist based in Perth, Western Australia. He plays original music with blues, roots, folk, gospel and jazz influences. He combines acoustic guitar, lap slide, dobro and seven-string lap guitar/bass (the Wintonbeast), with hollers and stomps to provide an engaging and authentic performance.

On this second of two DVD's, Andrew introduces us to some of his more advanced techniques for playing and performing lap slide guitar, as well as over 50-minutes of bonus live performance videos. In addition to a brief review of the introduction to bass techniques as demonstrated in DVD 1, this second DVD introduces more complex rhythms, runs and speed development. Andrew demonstrates harmonics, percussion and chord hammering, and looks cloase at both the picking and sliding hands to make playing cleaner, stronger and faster. The bonus performances on this DVD feature 15 tracks, including some from Andrew's latest album Surface Tension.

Tutorial Chapters
1. Advanced Techniques
2. Harmonics
3. Percussion
4. Advanced Hammering Techniques (Dobro)
5. 7-String Guitar

Other Albums Available

Surface Tension (2009)
Love Paints a Picture (EP) (2008)
The Decompression Chamber (2006)
Barrel O' Monkeys (2003)


For more information on Andrew Winton, click here.

Price: $45.00


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